Global Citizenship and Cultural Communication aim to promote mutual understanding and build bridges across cultures.

Join us in our webinar with SEK Education Group speakers and learn more about cultural communication, what allows people to build a society, that is, to define the conditions of their will to live together, the codes to recognize and distinguish themselves from others, as well as the way to organize their relationships with other people.

Amjad Al Ardan
Salam YLP graduate. Salam for Cultural Communication.
Mashael Alabdulaaly
Head of Programs and initiative department at Salam for Cultural Communication.
Alejandro Delso Segovia
Head of Strategy and Innovation at SEK Education Group. Former SEK International School student.


6th of June, Time 7:00pm


What is mindfulness and why is it important for students’ wellbeing and learning?

Learn more in our webinar with Marián de la Morena about mindfulness ,essential to reduce stress and anxiety, to improve concentration levels, our memory and wellbeing to support your learners . Join us and Build skills and strategies to embed mindfulness and promote wellbeing in your and your child’s daily lives.

Marian de la Morena
University Camilo José Cela, Madrid Spain
Dr. Asma AlKusayer
King Saud bin Abdulaziz University and AlFaisal University in Riyadh.

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What is global citizenship and why do we value global citizenship at SEK Riyadh?

Learn strategies with Ms. Jennifer Pro, Principal at SEK Santa Isabel (Madrid, Spain) about the importance of global citizenship. The objective implies helping to form more tolerant, fair and inclusive people. In addition, global citizenship education must provide the skills and values ​​that our students need to acquire so that young people are prepared and have tools to help them face the future that awaits them.

Jennifer Pro
Principal at SEK Santa Isabel, Madrid, Spain.

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What is IB Education? What makes it an excellent curriculum for our learners?

In this webinar Cecilia Villavicencio, Principal at SEK Ciudalcampo and Elnara Israfilova, Associate Director of SEK Schools will be discussing the meaning of an International Baccalaureate education and why it is considered as one of the most internationally recognized and preferred curriculums across the globe.

Cecilia Villavicencio
Principal at SEK Ciudalcampo, Madrid, Spain.
Elnara Israfilova
Associate Director of SEK Schools.

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Transitioning Back to School and the Socio-Emotional Needs of Students and Families

In this webinar our school counselor, Ms. Julie Alonso, will guide families through the transition process back into in-person learning. Saudi schools have been online since March 2020 and with this, it can be difficult for students and their families to step back into a daily school routine. Join us for a time to learn transition strategies and to find support and encouragement in the school.

Julie Anne Alonso
School Counselor and Admissions Officer

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What makes SEK-Riyadh special?

Find out about the SEK Education Group, our global network of schools, and the International Baccalaureate programmes. In addition, you will have the opportunity to learn about our innovative educational model and our commitment to international global citizenship and multilingualism. We will share with you how we use technology and spaces to optimise learning, and the importance of our highly qualified, well-trained teachers that ensure, year after year, outstanding learning and achievement for our students.

Christopher Charleson
Senior Academic Advisor
SEK International Schools

Miriam Buckley
Head of Primary
SEK International Schools Riyadh

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