Online Learning


To our community’s advantage, SEK Group has been a pioneer in the implementation and use of technology, SEK-Riyadh has the necessary means and infrastructure to guarantee quality online learning for all our students and ensure the continuity of our academic activity online if required. We feel proud and thankful that throughout periods of required online learning, the SEK schools have been very successful in maintaining high quality learning.


You can rest assure that we have a wide range of platforms, resources and tools that will help us to continue with active and personalized learning throughout our educational stages. We have full support from the SEK Education Group, as they have developed online learning protocols and each school is well-prepared to offer quality online learning if necessary.


SEK-Riyadh is ready to respond to any of the learning scenarios shown below. In general, we are committed to upholding our commitment to keep our school fully open for face-to-face learning for all our students when it is possible, and when it is authorised by the authorities. We believe this is in the student best interests – academically, socially and emotionally.

In September, we will welcome our students back to school, in whichever learning scenario is decided by the authorities, in a thoughtful, caring and supportive manner, enabling all students to develop their individual potential, based on our enduring core principles and values. However, if health conditions change, will we adapt and implement flexible pathways of learning, with the health and wellbeing of our entire community as a priority.

We understand this has been a time of uncertainty for all families and that adapting to the new learning arrangements will require flexibility and patience from families, students, teachers and school leaders. Below you can find information that explains the learning scenarios that we will implement, under different conditions and official regulations, in order to maintain a high-quality education for your children. In the meantime, our staff will continue to work tirelessly to ensure students receive the best possible education.

In our scenario planning, we will be guided by the following principles:

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Learning: ensure the highest quality of learning for our students
Wellbeing: ensure social, emotional, physical, and learning wellbeing of our community
Community: maintain our sense of community spirit and belonging

Scenarios: choosing the learning model in response to changing external risks

Face-to-face learning scenario

We welcome as many students as possible on campus, putting in place strict health and safety protocols (hand-hygiene, safe social distancing, mask-wearing, temperature checking, stable groups, frequent cleaning, clear signage, etc.) to safeguard the wellbeing of all learners while providing the best possible learning in school.

In-person learning guidelines for Early Childhood and Primary Years Programme are available here

Hybrid Learning Scenario

When authorities do not allow us to offer a fully in-person learning model, but allow schools to remain open, we will continue to offer a blended model with some in-person lessons and our distance learning and teaching guidelines.

Blended learning guidelines for Early Childhood and Primary Years Programme are available here

Full distance learning model

If the authorities decide to close the campus fully again, we will provide the best possible distance learning experiences for our students, building on what we have learned from our previous distance teaching and learning experiences.

We will implement our distance learning guidelines for those students who are learning at home.

Distance learning guidelines for Early Childhood and Primary Years Programme are available here