At SEK-Riyadh, our main objective in Early Years is to create an environment that fosters our student development and encourages social interaction.

We believe that children are natural inquirers from birth. They have the capacity to learn about, interact with and interpret the world around them. They are curious and capable learners with a sense of agency. Our purpose is to nurture and celebrate these natural qualities in young children, by offering innovative and creative curriculum initiatives that push the boundaries of best practices in learning and teaching in the Early Years.

Experiences during the Early Years lay the foundation for all future learning. These experiences support children’s cognitive, social, emotional and physical development. The central features of Learning in the Early Years at SEK-Riyadh encompass best practice in teaching and learning. These include: Child-Friendly Inquiry, Play, Evidence for Learning, Relationships, Symbolic Explorations and Expression (language, literacy, numeracy and other modes of communication), Early Learner Profile and Learning Space and Time.

Each of these elements are mutually supportive and work together to offer young learners balanced experiences for their learning and development.

At SEK-Riyadh, we offer:

  • Individualised education based on early learning and experimentation.
  • Safe learning spaces.
  • Development of motor, sensory and linguistic abilities
  • A methodology rich in experiencing and investigating, encouraging the children’s all-round development.

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